Treats and Eats

Think Thomas Sweet is just ice cream and chocolate? Check out this video.

From the moment the door of our first Victorian storefront opened on Nassau Street in May 1979 …

… the line started forming around the block. Our one-of-a-kind ‘blend in’ ice creams were an instant hit and Thomas Sweet became a fixture in the town of Princeton and in the hearts and minds of generations of Thomas Sweet fans.

Not all of us were around back then, but every single one of us is proud to carry on the original mission.

It’s in our hearts, but we’ve also carefully crafted it (like everything else around here) so that every word says what we mean.


At Thomas Sweet, our people, place and products provide a welcoming source of comfort and happiness to the communities we serve through consistent attention to hand-crafted detail.

Short version? We live to make you happy.